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warning at simulation time

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my code has a waring when running :

Warning: (W5) out of bounds: sc_uint[_base]: value does not fit into a length of 4

In file: ../../../../../src/sysc/datatypes/int/sc_uint_base.cpp:374

In process: tg0.traffic_generator_thread @ 0 s

what is the reason? Is it a bug? Reading a post in the old forum KMLM List i have seen that a user has solved this problem using gdb debugger writing "sc_report_handler::force(SC_INTERRUPT);" in the sc_main of his code and putting a breakpoint for sc_interrupt_here. i've tried to do this, but i don't know how to fix the breakpoint, in fact i write the command " b sc_interrupt_here" but i receive the message "Function "sc_interrupt_here()" not defined." what is the correct method to do this? or how can i solve the warning with another method?



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Perhaps showing us a sample of the code in your traffic_generator_thread and the declarations of the sc_uint member data used therein would help us to be able to help.

Did you build your SystemC for debug (thus exposing the symbol names in the core)?

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You seem to assign a value bigger than 31 to a 4-bit sc_uint, and you have built your SystemC library with DEBUG_SYSTEMC defined. With this symbol defined, the library adds some additional bound (and value) checks.

To add a breakpoint in your debugger, you may need to add the namespace to the symbol as well:

b sc_core::sc_interrupt_here

Alternatively, you can break on the reported file:line position directly (since you know precisely, which error you want to look at).

Greetings from Oldenburg,


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