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issue to access hierachy at compile time in VCS

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with VCS, I am trying to register with the uvm factory an object which is embedded inside a SV interface, using the hierarchy name as a type name.

But VCS won't compile, whereas this scheme works with Questa.


Here is the code snippet :


interface my_if();


  import my_pkg::*;

  localparam string my_path=$sformatf("%m");


  class my_c

    function new() ....

    typedef uvm_object_registry#(my_c,{"my_c",my_path}) type_id;

    ... etc ...



  ... etc ...




I may be wrong, but the LRM doesn't seem to specify if this is supposed to work at run/compile time.

Would someone know how to make this functionality work with VCS ?



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move the import and the class outside of the scope of the interface.

register the interface using uvm_resource_db set() routine.

contact your local support who can help you with the syntax if you need it.

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