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Can we fire two sequence parallel on a single sequencer

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We can do this but which sequence would be picked by sequencer is not sure.

Don't forget that eventually there is one driver only to execute the sequence.

Hence practically it will not work yeah but you can push two sequence at a time.

Good luck



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Yes, you can! The sequencer is basically a big arbiter that decides what to do next. Doing things in random order is essential to finding those tough bugs.


You can control which sequence occurs next with priorities and other algorithms, but letting the sequencer decide is good enough to get you started.


Here's how you might do it:

task body();
   easy_seq_c easy_seq;
   ugly_seq_c ugly_seq;
   hairy_seq_c hairy_seq;

endtask : body

Of course, running lots of sequences and virtual sequences all at the same time is important so for that you would need loops and lots of other random thingies.

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bhunter1972 is exactly correct. Sequencers are designed to do arbitration and they do so exceedingly well. Yes, your driver will take one transaction at a time, but that is to be expected. If you have a driver than can bundle transactions or send them in parallel, you could do something in the driver like:





and then handle both of them; however, this would be a very strange driver and probably not what most designs need.

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