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Martin Barnasconi

Issues with method uvm_sequence_base::set_response_queue_error_report_disabled

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There are two issues with this method definition.


1: This method references to an object called response_queue (with the underscore in the name), but such class is not formally defined in the document. Some other methods mention the response queue as a concept (without underscore in the name) but the definition is not mentioned in section 3.1. I propose to remove the underscore and add the definition to section 3.1.


2: The setter/getter of this method seems not in line with the name of the method, which has explicitly the word _disabled in the name. It states that setting the value to 0 disables these errors, while setting it to 1 enables them. But I would expect that when the getter get_response_queue_error_report_disabled returns 1, that it reporting is disabled, and returning 0 means reporting is not disabled. The setter should work in the same way ( value =1 means disabled, value = 0 is not disabled)

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