Hello,   I've scoured the internet and this forum for what I imagine will have a very simple solution.  Apparently I am not describing it sufficiently.   I have a SystemC model comprised of a handful of registers, and single memory bank.  I would like to implement TWO blocking transport interfaces to this model.   If I implement a single blocking transport ( via inheritance of b_transport ), the method has access to all the model resources.   If I want two b_transport interfaces, I've had to move them to channels, which are then instantiated in the model.  These channels do not have access to the model resources of course, because they are declared seperately from the model.  They communicate transactions to the model via an event (or using a fifo).  Therefore, the blocking transport will issue a wait(sc_zero_time) for the transaction to reach the model and perform some action. *Perhaps this solution is already what I should be doing.   However, I like the idea of a blocking transport actually setting the value and returning (with no wait statements); but, I cannot do this because I need TWO of these methods.   Brian