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Generic Payload Vs PROTOCOL specific packets/seq_items in UVM env

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Hello All,


I am wondering for the use of generic payload instead of PROTOCOL specific packets/seq_items in UVM agents.


Why : 

1. This will help to verify the SC-TLM models(used as golden ref models) with the same testenv.
2. Generic Payload is standard.
3. GP has better interoperability options, less changes in scoreboards etc for new UVC's connections.


1. All the UVC's work on the Generic Payload.
2. Only Driver needs the extra functionality for GP-Protocol toggling conversion.
3. Monitor need to pack the protocol toggling to GP.


1. Functional Coverage would be somehow difficult to calculate.


Please let me know am I moving in right direction or there may be some serious problems using it.



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Hi Karandeep,


We presented a paper "A Beginner's Guide to Using SystemC TLM-2.0 IP with UVM" at several European Synopsys User Group (SNUG) meetings in 2012. This included a discussion of using the Generic Payload in a UVM environment which may help. You can download it from the "KnowHow" pages on the Doulos website - http://www.doulos.com/knowhow/sysverilog/SNUG12_uvm_tlm2/




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