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Why you use systemC / should i learn systemC?

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I'm rtl engineer. But nowdays, my firm will going to systematic project.

So actually, i see systemC pessimisticly.

I just want to know future with systemC.and you do you think about that?

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[WARNING: The following is philisophical]


Assembly language programmers felt the same way about high level languages like FORTRAN.

Functional programmers (e.g. C) felt the same way about object oriented languages.

Schematics were the way of things for many engineers until RTL showed up.

Verifying a design by occular inspection waveforms was replaced by self-checking testbenches with some resistance.

Verification using directed test was mainstream and constrained random with functional coverage was resisted for many years. The advantages of reuse and scalability of the new techniques has slowly changed many.


Engineers and programmers facilitate change, but themselves are some of the most resistant to change when it affects their own world.


I think it's inevitable. As complexity increases, we have to find new ways to deal with it, and abstracting upwards is the way of things.


One way to deal with change is to decide not to let the new ways master you. Instead read books, take classes and become a master of the new technology.


Sadly, many universities have not caught up with modern practices at the undergraduate level.

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