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b_transport method call

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What is the purpose of passing time in b_transport method call in below code?



sc_time to(SC_ZERO_TIME);

init_socket->b_transport(trans, to);


And what is the meaning of underlined portion in constructor line?


hci_ll_monitor(sc_module_name nm): sc_module(nm),

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1. The time delay in b_transport is used to allow temporal decoupling in the models, which speeds up simulation immensely. It is part of the loosely-timed modeling style concept described in IEEE-1666-2011.

2. The instance name parameter of a SystemC module constructor is identical in concept to the UVM factory create string argument. Both are used to maintain an object hierarchy name for use during debug.


For more information, I suggest you either take a class in SystemC or read a good book on the topic.

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