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integrate driver code with systemC model ??

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hello  ,


I am making a controller which has an pre-existing driver code and  make it compatible with it ...

how can integrate the both ???

Hello Sir,

First of all, in what language is the pre-existing driver

code written in - Assembly of C ? If in C it is fairly easy

-- two ways to do it:


1. Use header files as

#include <cstdlib>

#include <cstring>

/* And so on ... */


2. Use the extern command as:

extern "C"


  #include <stdio.h>

  #include <stdlib.h>

  /* And so on .. */



If the pre-existing driver code is in Assembly,

a easy way would be to inline it inside the

C++ code, as

asm("assembly code as a string literal.")


__asm__("assembly code as a string literal.")


In addition, one could use extended Assembly.

Note however, that using Assembly means

that the programmer has to keep track of:

1. Register naming

2. Ordering of operands

3. Operand Size

4. Immediate Operands

5. Memory operands

6. Indexing

Etc., etc.

Hope that helps.

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My initial reaction is JDI. Please restate the question. Is the driver code written is assembly or C? Is there an OS presumption?

Hello ,

The driver code is written in c for linux  ..  and wish have to make a controller which runs on this driver code ....

Could you help me integrating the two  ..

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