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UVM 1.2 Introduction and Code Examples

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The first video series Introducing What's New in UVM 1.2 is out. Also, here is the UVM 1.2 Class Reference


This video series covers the changes and new features introduced in UVM 1.2. It is intended for engineers who are already somewhat familiar with UVM.

The series comes with CODE EXAMPLES THAT WORK. That's right, real working code and not just a snippet on a slide.


The series has the following parts, covering different areas of UVM 1.2 changes. Recommend viewing in 720p quality or higher.

  1. uvm_object must have constructor
  2. Config DB
  3. Objections
  4. Sequences
  5. uvm_integral_t type
  6. Reporting (major changes)
  7. Phasing
  8. Factory
  9. parametrized uvm_event
  10. Transaction recording (coming soon)


I hope you find it useful. Let me know what other topics you'd like to see.



The videos are based on UVM 1.2 release candidate. I do not expect the features covered in the series to change for the final release. The above code examples will always work. If needed, they will be updated for the final UVM 1.2 release.

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