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problem with constructor

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I wanna take a  4 digit integer value as an input an make an BCD equivalent, I tried this code but it has error: error at red line

error: 'decimal' : no appropriate default constructor available


it mean the class constructor? is the constructor of  class decimal wrong? plz help me


class decimal
sc_int<4> dec0;
sc_int<4> dec1;
sc_int<4> dec2;
sc_int<4> dec3;
decimal(sc_int<4> d0,sc_int<4> d1,sc_int<4> d2,sc_int<4> d3)
SC_MODULE (seprate_digit)
    sc_in <sc_int<16>> in;
    sc_in <bool> clk;
    sc_out <decimal> d;
    decimal dtmp;
    SC_CTOR (seprate_digit)
         sensitive << clk.pos();
   void process3()


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