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sc_int vs sc_fixed behaviour

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I found that sc_fixed's rounding behaviour is not consistent with my understanding. For example:


sc_fixed<10,10,SC_TRN,SC_WRAP> a;

sc_int<10> b;


I expect a and b should behave the same but if the values are -ve, their behaviours are not the same.


a = -75;  b = -75;


a = -(a>>6);  a becomes 1

b = -(b>>6);  b becomes 2


I would think b's behaviour is more correct because -75>>6 = -2 and -(-75>>6) = 2.


Anyone know why sc_fixed with q_mode=SC_TRN should not behave like sc_int?




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Hi Sam,


maybe this is strange but not a bug. 


The behavior you observe results from intermediate types. 

The intermediate result of a<<6 is not truncated, and results to -1.171875 or something like that. 

Then you invert this result and the truncation is done with the assignment. 


If you calculate in two steps (a=a<<6; a=-a;), the truncation is done after the shift and the result is 2.




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