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Assigning value to parametrized signals

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Consider the following signal:


sc_signal<sc_lv<size>  > aux;


Suppose "size" is something passed to the module through the use of template parametrization. How can I set the value of this guy to 0b0000....0000 or 0b1111....111 ?


In VHDL there is the OTHERS keyword:


aux <= (OTHERS => '1');


What about systemC? How can I achieve the same effect?

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Achieving the full flexibility of VHDL aggregates is very hard in SystemC. But if only OTHERS is your goal, there are workarounds. 


If you know the length of aux, you can use the sc_lv constructor with initialization:

sc_lv<7> tmp('1');


A more general approach is to use a template function: 

template < int W > 
init_lv(sc_signal_inout_if < sc_lv < W > > & sig, const char val)
  sig.write( sc_lv<W>(val) );




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