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Found 3 results

  1. Does UVM_SC has support for coverage bin and coverpoints? Want to know if user can add functional coverage classes. Thanks Akhila
  2. Hi All, Just wanted to check if the UVM sequence macros (UVM_DO_ON_WITH and UVM_DO_WITH) which support randomizing the sequence object are yet supported by UVM-SC or not? If not, what is the best way to add some randomization in the framework? I saw a post where there are some snippets (link given below) using scvx_rand_object class but I am not sure where to find this(didn't find it in latest SCV and UVM-SC libraries). http://nascug.org/events/20th/1-NASCUG20-UVMforSystemC-Karsten.pdf Also, I get errors while using plain UVM_DO_ON macros. Is it expected? The same works fine with ahb_wr_seq->start(top_env->agent->ahb_sequencer_inst); I have registered the sequence class with factory already. UVM_DO_ON(ahb_wr_seq,top_env->agent->ahb_sequencer_inst); Error message says: /nfs/iind/disks/ba_bdl_xplore_disk001/am5/UVM_SC/uvm-systemc-1.0-alpha1/src/uvmsc/macros/uvm_sequence_defines.h:150:31: error: expected type-specifier before ‘typeof’ SEQ_OR_ITEM = dynamic_cast< typeof(SEQ_OR_ITEM) >(create_item(objw__, SEQR, "SEQ_OR_ITEM")); ^ /nfs/iind/disks/ba_bdl_xplore_disk001/am5/UVM_SC/uvm-systemc-1.0-alpha1/src/uvmsc/macros/uvm_sequence_defines.h:115:3: note: in expansion of macro ‘UVM_CREATE_ON’ UVM_CREATE_ON(SEQ_OR_ITEM, SEQR) \ ^ /nfs/iind/disks/ba_bdl_xplore_disk001/am5/UVM_SC/uvm-systemc-1.0-alpha1/src/uvmsc/macros/uvm_sequence_defines.h:80:3: note: in expansion of macro ‘UVM_DO_ON_PRI_WITH’ UVM_DO_ON_PRI_WITH(SEQ_OR_ITEM, SEQR, -1, "") ^ ahb_basic_test.h:59:11: note: in expansion of macro ‘UVM_DO_ON’ UVM_DO_ON(ahb_wr_seq,top_env->agent->ahb_sequencer_inst); Appreciate any help here. Thanks Akhila
  3. Hi Guys, I have a simple framework for an IP level testbench, written using UVM-SC libraries. The intent is to be able to pump basic AHB write/read request to the DUT(in System C) using this BFM. I have created all basic components, snippet for which are pasted below. I have an ahb_sequencer, which is just an extension oh uvm_sequencer with specific ahb_transaction type. In ahb_driver run_phase is as under: void run_phase(uvm::uvm_phase phase) { REQ req, rsp; for(;;) { UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), "run_phase Entered", UVM_LOW); this->seq_item_port->get_next_item(req); rsp.set_id_info(req); this->seq_item_port->item_done(); this->seq_item_port->put_response(rsp); } } In ahb_env, driver and seqr are connected and sequences are started. class ahb_basic_env : public uvm::uvm_env { public: ahb_driver<ahb_transaction>* ahb_driver_inst; ahb_sequencer<ahb_transaction>* ahb_sequencer_inst; ahb_basic_write_sequence* ahb_wr_seq[NUM_SEQS]; UVM_COMPONENT_UTILS(ahb_basic_env); ahb_basic_env( uvm::uvm_component_name name) : uvm::uvm_env(name) { std::cout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": constructor " << name << std::endl; } void build_phase(uvm::uvm_phase& phase) { std::cout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": build_phase " << name() << std::endl; uvm::uvm_env::build_phase(phase); UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), " is ACTIVE", UVM_LOW); ahb_sequencer_inst = ahb_sequencer<ahb_transaction>::type_id::create("ahb_sequencer_inst",this); assert(ahb_sequencer_inst); ahb_driver_inst = ahb_driver<ahb_transaction>::type_id::create("ahb_driver_inst",this); assert(ahb_driver_inst); for (int i = 0; i < NUM_SEQS; i++) { std::ostringstream str; str << "ahb_basic_write_sequence" << i; ahb_wr_seq = new ahb_basic_write_sequence(str.str()); } } void connect_phase(uvm::uvm_phase& phase) { std::cout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": connect_phase " << name() << std::endl; uvm::uvm_component::connect_phase(phase); ahb_driver_inst->seq_item_port(ahb_sequencer_inst->seq_item_export); } void run_phase(uvm::uvm_phase& phase) { phase.raise_objection(this); std::cout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": run_phase Entered " << name() << std::endl; SC_FORK sc_core::sc_spawn(sc_bind(&ahb_basic_env::start_sequence, this, 0)), sc_core::sc_spawn(sc_bind(&ahb_basic_env::start_sequence, this, 1)), SC_JOIN std::cout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": run_phase Exited " << name() << std::endl; phase.drop_objection(this); } void start_sequence(int n) { ahb_wr_seq[n]->start(ahb_sequencer_inst, NULL); } }; The sequence uses wait_for_grant() and start_item() calls to initiate the transaction: class ahb_basic_write_sequence : public uvm::uvm_sequence<ahb_transaction,ahb_transaction> { public: ahb_basic_write_sequence( const std::string& name = "ahb_basic_write_sequence") : uvm::uvm_sequence< ahb_transaction,ahb_transaction > ( name ) { std::cout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": constructor " << name << std::endl; } UVM_OBJECT_UTILS(ahb_basic_write_sequence); void pre_body() { // raise objection if started as a root sequence if(this->starting_phase != NULL) this->starting_phase->raise_objection(this); } void body() { ahb_transaction* req_pkt; ahb_transaction* rsp; unsigned transaction_numb; UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), "Starting sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence", uvm::UVM_INFO); transaction_numb = 10; for(unsigned int i = 0; i < transaction_numb; i++) { req_pkt = new ahb_transaction(); rsp = new ahb_transaction(); UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), "Sending transaction from sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence", uvm::UVM_INFO); req_pkt->haddr = 0x100000 + 4*i; req_pkt->hwrite = 1; //req_pkt->hwrite = ahbConfig::WRITE_XACT; req_pkt->htrans = 2; //req_pkt->htrans = ahbConfig::HTRANS_NONSEQ; req_pkt->hwdata = (sc_uint<32>)(0xAAAABBBB + 4*i); req_pkt->hsize = ahbConfig::HSIZE_WORD; this->wait_for_grant(); UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), "Calling send_request from sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence", uvm::UVM_INFO); this->send_request(req_pkt); UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), "Getting response from sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence", uvm::UVM_INFO); this->get_response(rsp); } UVM_INFO(this->get_name(), "Finishing sequence", uvm::UVM_INFO); } void post_body() { // drop objection if started as a root sequence if(this->starting_phase != NULL) this->starting_phase->drop_objection(this); } }; But when i run the code, it gets stuck at wait_for_grant() call and also I don't see the run_phase prints from the driver class. The output looks something like this: Starting SC tests ... Running AHB tests 0 sIn dut UVM_INFO @ 0 s: reporter [RNTST] Running test ... 0 s: build_phase tb UVM_INFO ahb_basic_env.h(65) @ 0 s: tb [tb] is ACTIVE 0 s: constructor ahb_sequencer_inst 0 s: constructor ahb_driver_inst 0 s: constructor ahb_basic_write_sequence0 0 s: constructor ahb_basic_write_sequence1 UVM_INFO ahb_driver.h(53) @ 0 s: reporter [ahb_driver_inst] build_phase Entered 0 s: connect_phase tb Info: (I804) /IEEE_Std_1666/deprecated: all waits except wait() and wait(N) are deprecated for SC_CTHREAD, use an SC_THREAD instead 0 s: run_phase Entered tb UVM_INFO ahb_basic_write_sequence.h(66) @ 0 s: reporter [ahb_basic_write_sequence0] Starting sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence UVM_INFO ahb_basic_write_sequence.h(76) @ 0 s: reporter [ahb_basic_write_sequence0] Sending transaction from sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence UVM_INFO ahb_basic_write_sequence.h(66) @ 0 s: reporter [ahb_basic_write_sequence1] Starting sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence UVM_INFO ahb_basic_write_sequence.h(76) @ 0 s: reporter [ahb_basic_write_sequence1] Sending transaction from sequence ahb_basic_write_sequence Any idea why is this happening? wait_for_grant() should unblock when driver takes the request right? Not sure why isnt the driver getting the request. Appreciate your help here! TIA PS: Attached the files for reference. Akhila ahb_basic_write_sequence.h ahb_basic_env.h ahb_driver.h ahb_sequencer.h