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Found 1 result

  1. Hello All, I have written one process as SC_METHOD and want to use next_trigger into it. But as next trigger overrides the static sensitivity. So i have to consider adding static event if needed explicitly withing method. And here once i am triggered by that dynamic event so i have to add up the static sensitive events using next trigger for that i have written something as: void A::proc1() //SC_METHOD(proc1) sensitive << ev1<<ev2; { if(test_condition){} else { next_trigger(dyanmic_event); if(enable_if_dynamic_event) // "enable_if_dynamic_event" will get enable once dynamic event gets triggered { //Do something next_trigger(ev1|ev2); //void next_trigger( const sc_event_or_list & ); } } } But here once dynamic event gets trigger and here if i add a statement as "next_trigger(ev1|ev2);" to enable the static sensitive event, this is not happening i mean this even is not triggering my method when either ev1 or ev2 is triggered. Please let me know if i am missing anything.