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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I am finding that SystemC 2.2 cannot harmoniously compile with boost 1.58 when -DSC_INCLUDE_DYNAMIC_PROCESSES is defined. It creates a condition where SystemC's embedded boost declarations are previously defined in the real boost. Is there any workaround for this without completely hacking SystemC's boost sources to properly embed boost in "sc_boost" namespace instead of it colliding with the boost namespace from a different release? Details of an example error: In file included from /tmp/systemc/include/sysc/kernel/sc_boost.h:58:0, from /tmp/systemc/include/sysc/kernel/sc_dynamic_processes.h:54, from /tmp/systemc/include/systemc:94, from ExampleX.h:32, from Example.h:32, from Example.cpp:25 /tmp/systemc/include/sysc/packages/boost/ref.hpp:31:25: error: redefinition of 'class boost::reference_wrapper<Type>' In file included from /tmp/boost/1.58.0/boost/ref.hpp:15:0, from /tmp/boost/1.58.0/boost/tuple/tuple.hpp:27, from /tmp/boost/1.58.0/boost/multi_index/detail/index_base.hpp:28, from /tmp/boost/1.58.0/boost/multi_index/detail/base_type.hpp:21, from /tmp/boost/1.58.0/boost/multi_index_container.hpp:34, from ExampleY.h:24, from Example.h:27, from Example.cpp:25: PS. We aren't able to move to SystemC 2.3, but would like to know if this was solved in recent editions?
  2. Hi, with VCS, I am trying to register with the uvm factory an object which is embedded inside a SV interface, using the hierarchy name as a type name. But VCS won't compile, whereas this scheme works with Questa. Here is the code snippet : interface my_if(); import my_pkg::*; localparam string my_path=$sformatf("%m"); class my_c function new() .... typedef uvm_object_registry#(my_c,{"my_c",my_path}) type_id; ... etc ... endclass ... etc ... endinterface I may be wrong, but the LRM doesn't seem to specify if this is supposed to work at run/compile time. Would someone know how to make this functionality work with VCS ?