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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! I am having trouble importing UVM-SystemC library in Eclipse. It does not recognize any of the classes from that library. I installed uvm-systemc-1.0-alpha1 library and I am using Systemc-2.3.1 with Eclipse and Cygwin. When I try to write any of the code, for example: #include <uvm> class packet : public uvm_sequence_item{ }; It labels uvm_sequence_item red and says "Symbol 'uvm_sequence_item' could not be resolved". I added uvm-systemc in properties in library and added include paths to compiler settings in Eclipse.
  2. I am new to systemc in ubuntu 14.04 and I am trying to setup up eclipse for a systemc small project. I followed the the provided README in systemc-2.3.1 and the INSTALL to install the library. I then used tutorial here to set up eclipse. The problem is that I have a syntax error tell me that sc_signal_resolved could not be resolved. below is a sample of my code: #include <systemc.h> int sc_main(int argc, char ** argv) { sc_signal_resolved zero, one; // in the rest of the code I will use the zero and one passing them to some gates. return(0); } Please how do I solve this. In Windows with visual studio I have no problem.
  3. HI The issue is most probably related to earlier post: SystemC in Visual Studio 2012 I am working on x64 Windows on 64-bit intel core 2 duo processor For development I have Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Eclipse CDT Kepler C/C++. I have built systemc-2.3.0 library (systemc.lib) for debug and release configurations using my Visual Studio. I am now trying to compile a simple_fifo.cpp example in eclipse. I am getting following error: C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Windows.h': No such file or directory sysc_test line 70, external location: c:\systemc-2.3.0\src\sysc\kernel\sc_cmnhdr.h C/C++ Problem Below I will reproduce the releavant lines from sc_cmnhdr.h header file: // Windows Version Build Option #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0400 #include <Windows.h> // this line no. 70 is giving error // MSVC6.0 for() scope bug #define for if( false ); else for #endif I then tried by providing the compiler with the inlcude folder path where Windows.h is located in the Windows SDK folder, but it give me more error. Can anyone help me fix this error ? Thanks N.