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  1. Can you provide your whole command line for building SystemC & UVM-SystemC and your example?
  2. Hi! the missing configure script will be included in the next release. CMake build is not completely supported yet but is now on our bug tracker. Thank you for reporting!
  3. This is a known limitation, we ran into this issue last year too. If you look closely you will find commented macros in the scv_extensions mentioning sc_fixed and sc_ufixed. However, uncommenting these entry will not work as these seem to be leftovers from the early implementation dating back to around 2000 when first commits were publicly recorded. You will probably have to find a workaround for that at the moment. Adapting the scv_extensions does not look too trivial.
  4. What kind of problems do you run into? Basically you have to build the SCV library first. After that you can compile the examples via "g++ *.cc -L<scv_install_dir> -lscv -o example".
  5. There is an internal buglist for the developers but AFAIK this bug is not known yet. The minimal example would help alot figuring it out.
  6. Hi! We have now released an updated version of SCV which should fix this issue for you.. You can find it here: http://accellera.org/downloads/standards/systemc
  7. Hi! as in the previous alpha release you should call config/bootstrap beforehand. This will create a configure script for you. (This is mentioned in the INSTALL file around line 226.)
  8. We are working on releasing an compatibility update rather soon, probably this year.
  9. Hi Aixeta, this is already fixed in the upcoming release of the SCV. Meanwhile you can workaround by casting directly to sc_logic: sc_dt::sc_logic_value_t(this->_get_instance()->get_bit(i))
  10. Hi Frank, thanks for reporting, I've implemented a patch following Torstens recommendation in the working groups repository. This will be included in the next release which will be alongside SystemC 2.3.2.
  11. Hi Akhila, functional coverage is not there yet. However, you can use any other implementation together with UVM-SC.
  12. Hi! As this subforum is about UVM-SystemC you'll probably won't get many answers here. The UVM forum you are looking for is this: http://forums.accellera.org/forum/26-simulator-specific-issues/
  13. Hi, can you please more information about your environment? Please also post the output of "make -v".
  14. First "make" has to complete without error before running "make install". Could you please post the output of "make" after fixing gettimeofday?
  15. I've lost a little bit track here: Can you check that you are in the correct folder? In doubt, can you please post the history of commands you executed?
  16. Probably not. Regarding gettimeofday please follow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36901803/gettimeofday-not-declared-in-this-scope-cygwin and try again.
  17. Please post the relevant commandlines and output
  18. This looks like your editor added Windows line endings while saving the file. Please try again with an editor which can distinguish between different line endings and choose the unix ones.
  19. Yes, please have a look into the configure script and search for "checking for supported operating system". You'll need to add cygwin there. Please note, that cygwin is not officially supported although it may work.
  20. Alan's right, -luvm-systemc should be left of -lsystemc as it depends on its symbols.
  21. how to make my signal accept many writers

    You could achieve the same by setting the environment variable SC_SIGNAL_WRITE_CHECK to DISABLE.
  22. Thanks for pointing out! Will be fixed for the next release.
  23. std::fgets was deprecated AFAIR. You can comment this line actually at the moment. An official fix will be probably available with the next release.
  24. This is a little bit like finding the needle in the haystack. Can you please provide your actual code?