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  1. Parth1242

    uvm_event with uvm1.2

    Even If I use class object which is not extended from uvm_object , it is not working with IUS. It fails in compilation error from uvm library file. So what is change in uvm 1.2 ? it is same behavior as uvm 1.1.
  2. With UVM1.2 uvm_event class is made parameterized , but I am not able to use it for types other than extend class of uvm_object. I am running with IUS simulator. Getting Error , because virtual function void trigger (T data=null); , expects type to be object . Is there a way to use it for string/integer/bit ?
  3. Thanks a lot Jadec. uvm_mem has instance of uvm_mem_mam. It is a typo. I am also confused about your point why extension of uvm_mem is not shown in diagram?
  4. Hi, In Register layer overview (referance html) it is given as uvm_mem <- uvm_mam. But I dont understand what uvm_mam is? I think it should be my_mem.Is my understanding correct? Thanks.