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  1. HI All. I am not sure if we already had this discussion or not. In uvm1.2, it seems get_starting_phase() can only be inside of default tasks (pre/post/body/start) of sequence with uvm_config_db#(....)::set(this,"sqr.main_phase", "default_phase", seq) flow. In below test case, line 10 locked the phase while line 30 try to set_starting_phase(), or anyway document that line 10 is not right usage ? it is not a case in seq.start(..) flow. Thanks AM [/code] import uvm_pkg::*; `include "uvm_macros.svh" class seq extends uvm_sequence; `uvm_object_utils(seq) line 10: uvm_phase phase_ = get_starting_phase(); // not ok. this will lock the phase function new(string name ="seq"); super.new(name); endfunction task pre_body(); // uvm_phase phase_ = get_starting_phase(); //ok if( phase_ != null) phase_.raise_objection(this); endtask task body; #10; `uvm_info("whatever", "whatever", UVM_LOW); endtask task post_body(); // uvm_phase phase_ = get_starting_phase(); //ok if( phase_ != null) phase_.drop_objection(this); endtask endclass class seqr extends uvm_sequencer; `uvm_component_utils(seqr); function new(string name = "seqr", uvm_component p = null); super.new(name, p); endfunction endclass class test extends uvm_test; `uvm_component_utils(test) seqr sqr; seq sq; function new(string name ="test", uvm_component p = null); super.new(name, p); endfunction function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase); sqr = seqr::type_id::create("sqr",this); // sq = seq::type_id::create("sq"); line 30 : uvm_config_db#(uvm_object_wrapper)::set(this,"sqr.run_phase", "default_sequence", seq::type_id::get()); // not ok, it tries to set_starting_phase() but phase is locked. endfunction task run_phase(uvm_phase phase); //phase.raise_objection(this); // this flow is ok //sq.start(this.sqr); //phase.drop_objection(this); endtask endclass module top; test t=new(); initial run_test(); endmodule
  2. Do we have any update on this one? or would you share the Mantis id ? Thanks
  3. Hi. I would like to confirm if the class type uvm_test_done_objection is deprecated in IEEE 1.2 release or in future releases. in Accellera uvm.1.2 //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // // Class- uvm_test_done_objection DEPRECATED // // Provides built-in end-of-test coordination //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ class uvm_test_done_objection extends uvm_objection; But in the other source code, i see it is still being used. Thanks Best Regards