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    uvm_event with uvm1.2

    I just ran into this anomaly today. Here's the fix, if you want to use a “uvm_event#(bit)” type: 1) Copy uvm_event.svh and uvm_event_callback.svh to your project area where you can "enhance" it. I renamed the files and classes to include a "fixed_" prefix, thus uvm_event class is now fixed_uvm_event class. .../common/fixed_uvm_event.svh 2) Change all occurrences of “uvm_event” to “fixed_uvm_event” in both files: fixed_uvm_event.svh and fixed_uvm_event_callback.svh Thus: class fixed_uvm_event#(type T=bit) extends fixed_uvm_event_base#(T); 3) Change the default type T to "bit" (or whatever your base type is going to be) in both classes in fixed_uvm_event.svh virtual class fixed_uvm_event_base#(type T=bit) extends uvm_object; class fixed_uvm_event#(type T=bit) extends fixed_uvm_event_base#(T); I haven’t figured out why the VCS compiler doesn’t resolve this error (I’ll save it for another rainy day) Error-[SV-ICVA] Illegal class variable access .../common/fixed_uvm_event.svh, 263 Protected member 'm_event' of class 'fixed_uvm_event_base#(uvm_pkg::uvm_object)' is not visible to scope 'fixed_uvm_event_base#(bit)'. Please make sure that the above member is accessed only from its own class or inherited class properties as it is declared as protected. 4) Add type T to the callbacks queue in the base class: protected fixed_uvm_event_callback#(T) callbacks[$]; 5) Comment out “do_print()” and “do_copy()” and hope you don’t need them. OK, I should have used the "mutated_" prefix instead of "fixed_" because it's not really fixed. Good Luck, Mr V