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    Why is BB Code turned off?

    Yes, we had to turn off the html formatting to stop the spam stream. It is inconvenient, but the alternative would be to exclusively use corporate URLs to stem the tide. We were booting about 10 - 20 "users" per week before we shut-off the HTML. Now the moderators have to remove about 2 per monthly, mostly for spamming the contributions area. =Admin on behalf of the site moderators
  2. The UVM Contributions area offers the community a way to share bigger concepts than they can in these forums. Expect this part of the site to grow with tutorials, examples, UVM applications, and more. The first two contributions are available now: Amiq posted a Javadoc format for documenting the UVM APIs Cadence posted a version of it's OVM register package migrated to the UVM As with the whole UVM World, the Contribution area is open to all contributors. To protect intellectual property rights, the Contribution area does have a "click through" Apache license for those posting content. =UVM World Admin
  3. This forum exists to keep the other two forums free from advertising. The UVM ecosystem is welcome to post product and services news here. Let's work together as a community to keep the other two forums technical! Welcome! =UVM World Admin
  4. This forum is a way for you to reach out to the community to get help on simulator-specific tool issues. The UVM World recommends that each simulator vendor have their support team attach to the RSS feed here to help users wherever possible. Welcome! =UVM World Admin
  5. This is the general UVM World forum. We'll be discussing the UVM methodology, the BCL itself, the documentation, applications, etc. Post here should be of broad interest with EDA vendor-specific posts in the other forums. Welcome! =UVM World Admin