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  1. Thank you Eyck for the quick response. I've tried your suggestion in my program and it seems to work fine. Regards, Ness
  2. Hi, I wish to perform a trace for all the signals in my design. Since I didn't find a reference how to do this, I tried to implement it by myself. The main concept I used is to run recursively on all child objects of sc_module objects (using the get_child_objects() method). If a child object is sc_signal, the sc_trace method is performed. I created a test-case and ran it with Accellera compiler 2.3. However, I'm getting the following warning: Warning: (W710) object cannot not be traced: system.sig In file: ..\..\src\sysc\tracing\sc_trace.cpp:145 Could you please help me to fix the code? Regards, Ness case_system.h case_walker.h case_system.cpp case_walker.cpp sc_main.cpp