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    Functional coverage- VCS

    Hi vaibhav0901 - The best way to get answers to questions specifically about VCS is to either open a new support case via Synopsys Solvnet (https://solvnet.synopsys.com) or contact your local Synopsys Applications Engineer. The short answer to your question is to use either the -cm_name or -cm_dir arguments on the simv command line to write vdb data to unique locations. -cm_dir can create an entirely new vdb directory for the test's coverage results. -cm_name creates a new section within an existing vdb. When using -cm_name it is advisable to also use -cm_test, like this: simv -cm line+cond+fsm -cm_name my_test -cm_test my_test +UVM_TESTNAME=my_test # writes coverage data to the compile-time vdb under location "my_test" regards, Bart