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    primitive port that responds to sensitivity ???

    let me explain better, what I need is to represent power domains in SystemC for functional verification, reading the UPF file. The idea is to make the implementation hidden for the user, then it would be automatic and transparent for the user. That said, i thought that i could modify the sc_out class using inheritance, to be aware about the domain to which belongs, but then i need to turn off the signal if the domain is off. to do that, i thought that i would need to create a sc_out with sensitivity, then it automatically could monitor the status of the domain, and if the status in OFF, it automatically could be set to 0. I'd say that it is possible, but i'd like to know the opinion of expert people like you. what parts would I have to modify? thanks!
  2. Hi! I am new on this, and i am learning systemC. i am working on an academic project, then i wonder if it is possible (after some systemC code modifications) to generate primitive_ports that respond to a sensitivity list? then I could generate a function that set to 0 each port when a global signal is set to a specific state. is it possible? what parts of systemC code i'd need to modify? thanks a lot in advance for the help and guidance!