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  1. ripal

    RAL Backdoor write

    Thanks for clarification mastrick.
  2. Hi , We are trying to do backdoor one of the register in our RAL and set hdl path using add_hdl_path_slice fucntion. Will take similar example here. say we have 32 bit REG1. REG1 has two fields F1 and F2 each of 16 bits. We have set below HDL path : REG1.add_hdl_path_slice("IP.REG.regout", 0,16); REG1.add_hdl_path_slice("IP.REG.regout", 16,16); When we write through REG1.poke and read back , we see only value deposited by last slice. If we deposit value 0x12345678, while reading back , it returns value 0x1234 only. Looks like it overrides value written by previous slice. Question is it necessary to provide bit range in first argument of add_hdl_path_slice ? Or UVM will take care of that ? If we set below path as add_hdl_path_slice , then it works fine and returns correct value 0x12345678. REG1.add_hdl_path_slice("IP.REG.regout[15:0]", 0,16); REG1.add_hdl_path_slice("IP.REG.regout[31:16]", 16,16);