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  1. @Eyck, Thank you for the documents. That looks like a good resource to start with. The points you mentioned seem good enough to model my use-case. @Roman Popov, Thanks for the heads-up. I do not have any plans to boot Linux as of now, so I will just start and see how far I can go with it. I'll keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you guys for the quick response! Hope to contribute back to the community, once I have some footing with SystemC and TLM!
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for some general directions or documents (if available), on the following problem - 1. I have with me a cycle-accurate SystemC RTL. This represents one part of my SoC 2. I want to wrap this in a TLM 2.0 Loosely-Timed wrapper so that I can interface it with software Thus I need some guidance, as to how I can implement that same, or if someone has done it before. What have I tried, what do I know. 1. I am currently aware of the TLM 2.0 blocking and non-blocking interfaces. I understand that the blocking interface is implemented to create a LT model 2. In my understanding, the top level wrapper implementing a simple_target_socket could wrap my RTL C++ model. The blocking transport function should then take care of receiving the data, converting it to the input ports of the internal model, and then sending the response 3. One question I run into while following this model is of how to manage time. The RTL model will take a certain amount of time to execute and return the time taken. Should I make the initiator thread wait for that long? Or should I just update a side value? If I have multiple initiator targets, how will this be synchronised? Thanks for reading! Looking forward, if someone can help out!