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  1. I have a systemC model of a Hardware under development. The device driver development team would like to use this model for developing and testing the device driver. I am currently trying to figure out what is the recommended method of interfacing the systemC code with the device driver code. for e.g. if the driver calls a macro/function as follows: regwrite(address,data); I want this to trigger a method call on the systemC top module instance (say DUT) as DUT.regwrite(address.data); Is IPC the only possible way? Is it possible to link the systemC code with an external driver code and create a single executable? If yes how should this linking be achieved and what needs to be added to main() to achieved the effect described above? Please provide Pointers to example code/tutorial's or any other information. which addresses this issue.
  2. Hi, I am working on modeling a peripheral which interfaces to an AXI4 bus. While I am able to find OCP models, I was not able to find any AXI4 models... Is the community aware of any opensource AXI Models? A link to the project will be appreciated.