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  1. Iam seeing issue with mux output from clocking block(Inputs(a,b,sel) are delayed correctly by 1ns where as outputs is in sync with clk). DUT definition: module mux(a,b,sel,clk,out); input [4:0] a; input [4:0] b; input clk; input sel; output [4:0] out; reg [4:0] out_temp; always @(posedge clk) begin if(sel==0) out_temp <=a; if(sel==1) out_temp <=b; end assign out =out_temp; endmodule Interface definition: interface mux_if(input clk); logic [4:0] a; logic [4:0] b; logic sel; logic [4:0] out; clocking mux_cb @(posedge clk); default input #1ns output #1ns; input out; output a,b; output sel ; endclocking endinterface In TB iam instantiating DUT as mux mux_inst(.clk(mux_if1.clk), .a(mux_if1.a), .b(mux_if1.b), .sel(mux_if1.sel), .out(mux_if1.out) );