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  1. Hi Expert, I have following situation. 1. In our env. we use third party VIP & few other agents which are active. 2. We created reg model in top level env as shown below reg_model = top_reg_block::type_id::create("reg_model", this); reg_model.build(); reg_model.set_hdl_path_root("$root.tb_top.A_chip_top.A_digital_top"); reg_model.lock_model(); // reg model adapter = reg_adapter::type_id::create("adapter", this); reg_sbscr = register_subscriber::type_id::create("reg_sbscr", this); In connect phase also we set the default sequencer reg_model.default_map.set_sequencer (.sequencer(spi_agnt.spi_sqr), .adapter(adapter) 3. in test case (register test case) we use seq.start(null); in order to run on default sequencer. 4. Everything works fine without VIP. Now when VIP is integrated in env, & instead of using spi_agnt.spi_seqr we need to use VIP virtual seqencer like reg_model.default_map.set_sequencer (.sequencer(block_env.sequencer.master_sequencer[0]), .adapter(adapter)) When We use this we get UVM_FATAL error [SEQ] neither the item's sequencer nor dedicated sequencer has been supplied to start item in seq. Any idea how I should resolve this issue. VIP uses p_sequencer whereas other sequencer uses m_sequencer. Regards, UT