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  1. Hi All, I am using an input port of type double to trigger my method. Irrespective of whether I give dont_initialize() property to the method or not, the method is getting triggered once during initialization phase. It is not triggering when there is a change in the value of the port to which the method is sensitive to. I also tried giving .value_changed_event() to the port. How should I handle this? Thanks in advance for your inputs Best Regards, Karthik Rao
  2. Karthik Rao

    Changing the width in sc_bv<W>

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for your insights. I looked up at the LRM later and found that it has to be a constant and also cannot be modified after end_of_elaboration. To achieve my task I later found another method which does not involve making the width configurable. Best Regards Karthik
  3. Karthik Rao

    Changing the width in sc_bv<W>

    Hello Everyone, In the existing code, the width of the WdwType is defined as shown below. Here WDW_SIZE is a macro. typedef sc_bv<WDW_SIZE> WdwType; But I want the width to be configurable. So I have declared a structure variable of datatype unsigned int and want to do the same. Can anybody please let me know how this can be done? Thank you. Regards Karthik.