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  1. Hook

    A SystemC installl problem on Ubuntu

    refer to : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38352801/systemc-error-with-the-library
  2. Hook

    When exactly an event is servicd

    Hi @David Black event.cancel(); event.notify(SC_ZERO_TIME); Can you explain it mean when use cancel() above code ?
  3. Hook

    sc_spawn and anthoer process

    This is it means: sc_spawn can use for function have parameter and SC_* it not. Right or wrong?
  4. Can you explain the difference between sc_spawn and another process (SC_METHOD, SC_THREAD, SC_CTHREAD )? How to use sc_spawn? Thanks all
  5. Hi @Philipp A Hartmann what is the purpose? Thanks.
  6. Hi , can you explain the diffrence between " eoc.initialize(false) and eoc .write ( false) "?
  7. I don't know what is "argc" and "argv []" , Can you explain about this?And when does it change ? #include "systemc.h" int sc_main (int argc, char* argv[]) { cout<<"Value of argc="<<argc<<endl; cout <<"Value of argc[]="<<hex<<argc<<endl; return 0; }
  8. Hook

    Timing Annotation

    Thanks @Eyck I want to understand clearly in figure 26 above, The initiator sends to target with timing annotation is 10ns, when targets received the request, it is delay 10ns (timing annotation) then the target begin handing request I understand is right or wrong????
  9. Could you explain LT ( loosely-timed) and AT(approximately-timed ) thanks
  10. Hook

    Timing Annotation

    @apfitch can you explain timing annotation ??
  11. Hook

    define sc_main in VS 2017

    @Aaron0127 try this : Project->property->Linker->All Option->Subsystem : Console (/SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE) Regards, Hook
  12. Hook

    Changing the width in sc_bv<W>

    In many cases , I cant use "const" I often use : #define or enum{}; you can try : #define WDW_SIZE 2 or enum {WDW_SIZE=2}; Best regards
  13. thank @AmeyaVS , sorry for my question , but can you explain clear when I erase "\" above code, it not working
  14. #define STREAM_REPORT_INFO(MSGID,message_stream) \ do {\ std::ostringstream mout;\ mout << sc_core::sc_time_stamp() << ": " << message_stream;\ SC_REPORT_INFO(MSGID,mout.str().c_str());\ } while (0) Hi All, I dont understand symbol "\" in above code , when I erase symbol "\" then it not working . . why we need "\" in above code , thanks