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    How to compare VCD files

    Hi all, i tried comparing but i can not access the menu option. Any idea ? # Bruno
  2. Bruno Godrabeli

    Analog Postprocessing

    Hi Christoph, ..., i tried with Matlab and it was working fine. Thanks !! Later this week my colleage told me that this can be done transparently with the signalScript feature of our waveform viewer (without importing steps, automatically while displaying). while ( iter.hasNext()) { var time<:Long:> = iter.next(out); out.write(time, false, in0.floatValue() - in1.floatValue()); } Delta was easy, need to find out how to do more complex stuff. # bruno
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this. Our simulation generates a bunch of analog channels. I would like to do some post-processing (mathematical stuff like max, diff, statistics,..) before viewing. What is the easiest way? # bruno