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  1. Jean Thevonet

    How to compare VCD files

    I found this : http://toem.de/index.php/projects/impulse/manual/167-15-comparing-signals-and-records The comparisson seem to be independed of the data type (analog, digital, ...). Regards, Jean
  2. Jean Thevonet

    How to compare VCD files

    Thanks, I tried with impulse and from first impressions -- it seem to be easy and comfortable. You just have to select the 2 files and get to impulse->Compare with each other . A dialog gives you some options (what and how to compare). BUT - For this extended functionality I had to request the analyze license key (free for non-profitable or 90 day stuff). :-( Will tomorrow check with analog and tlm data. Regards, Jean
  3. Jean Thevonet

    How to compare VCD files

    Dear users, I'd like to compare the vcd output of differnt versions of our prototype. Is there some kind of vcd diff available ? Graphically ? Regards, Jean