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  1. In examining the early adopter specification, I'm noticing that the 'extend' syntax will accept a 'struct' type_identifier, but it does not accept a 'struct_declaration' in general--which could include the struct_qualifiers "buffer", "stream", "state", or "resource". This would mean that a buffer declared as: buffer data_buff_s { rand data_s my_data; }; would be extended as extend struct data_buff_s { rand int[0..3] my_id; }; not extend buffer data_buff_s { rand int[0..3] my_id; }; correct?
  2. grammar corrections

    Section B.10 -- Is the syntax for "expression_constraint_item" correct (line 15 of page 202)? This appears to state that an implicand_constraint_item is required to accompany an expression...
  3. Hello, Are the header files listed in Annex C available for download anywhere? Thanks, Brandon