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  1. Hi Erwin, I'd like to know the VLNV of sub IPs, i.e., SUB_IP_X/Y/Z used in IP_A. As some sub-modules in IP_A have no IP-XACT component XML description, if I write a design xml for IP_A, then we cannot reconstruct RTL of IP_A using the ipxact:componentInstance and the ipxact:interconnection/adHocConnection info in the ipxact:design description. It seems IP-XACT spec does not define if it is valid to use a design xml in which the design has sub-modules with no IP-XACT component xml description. Or you can describe sub-IPs in XML containing file sets only. SUB_IP_X/Y/Z already have its own component XML, but the component xml of IP_A does not have element to specify the VLNV of sub-IPs SUB_IP_X/Y/Z. Thanks, Justin
  2. Hi, Suppose we have an IP, e.g., IP_A, which instantiates a few sub-IPs, e.g., SUB_IP_X/Y/Z (which have ipxact component xml), and a few sub-modules which are not packaged in IP-XACT component XML. I'd like to track all the sub-IPs used by IP_A, but am not sure if ipxact:design is the right choice to describe the design hierarchy as the sub-level of IP_A includes both sub-IPs described using IP-XACT and sub-units that are not packaged using IP-XACT. Thanks, Justin