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  1. I'd like to describe IP documents, e.g., user guide, in IP-XACT XML file. I did not find any example showing how to describe docs in IP-XACT XML, I added a Documentation view, documentation componentInstantiation and fileSets as shown below, is it recommended way? <ipxact:component ...> ... <ipxact:model> <ipxact:views> <ipxact:view> <ipxact:name>Documentation</ipxact:name> <ipxact:envIdentifier>::</ipxact:envIdentifier> <ipxact:componentInstantiationRef>documentation</ipxact:componentInstantiationRef> </ipxact:view> </ipxact:views> <ipxact:instantiations> <ipxact:componentInstantiation> <ipxact:name>documentation</ipxact:name> <ipxact:fileSetRef> <ipxact:localName>UG</ipxact:localName> </ipxact:fileSetRef> <ipxact:componentInstantiation> <ipxact:instantiations> </ipxact:model> <ipxact:fileSets> <ipxact:fileSet> <ipxact:name>UG</ipxact:name> <ipxact:file> <ipxact:name>docs/xxx_user_guide.pdf</ipxact:name> <ipxact:fileType user="pdf">user</ipxact:fileType> </ipxaxct:file> </ipxact:fileSets> ... </ipxact:component>
  2. I did not get much results on TGI implementation from Google search. So I'll try my luck here to see if there is any TGI library example available and seek suggestions on TGI library implementation.
  3. Hi Erwin, I'd like to know the VLNV of sub IPs, i.e., SUB_IP_X/Y/Z used in IP_A. As some sub-modules in IP_A have no IP-XACT component XML description, if I write a design xml for IP_A, then we cannot reconstruct RTL of IP_A using the ipxact:componentInstance and the ipxact:interconnection/adHocConnection info in the ipxact:design description. It seems IP-XACT spec does not define if it is valid to use a design xml in which the design has sub-modules with no IP-XACT component xml description. Or you can describe sub-IPs in XML containing file sets only. SUB_IP_X/Y/Z already have its own component XML, but the component xml of IP_A does not have element to specify the VLNV of sub-IPs SUB_IP_X/Y/Z. Thanks, Justin
  4. Hi, Suppose we have an IP, e.g., IP_A, which instantiates a few sub-IPs, e.g., SUB_IP_X/Y/Z (which have ipxact component xml), and a few sub-modules which are not packaged in IP-XACT component XML. I'd like to track all the sub-IPs used by IP_A, but am not sure if ipxact:design is the right choice to describe the design hierarchy as the sub-level of IP_A includes both sub-IPs described using IP-XACT and sub-units that are not packaged using IP-XACT. Thanks, Justin