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    Read Memory Acess Violation

    Thanks Ralph and Ameya. I really appreciate your help.
  2. SysC_Lrnr

    Read Memory Acess Violation

    Hi, In the following header file many sub modules are connected to a top module of sc_vector ports. The file builds fine, but on running a window message "...has stopped". Debugging figured out: A thrown exception "read access violation "; The line precedes it in the call stack (the one commented beside it in the code ), includes binding a sub module port to one of the top-module's vectors' port. Also note the exception is thrown after one complete iteration of the for loop (i.e. j =1) Does this have anything to do with my initialization to the port vectors? #pragma once #include "systemc.h" #include "ArrMult_Unit.h"; SC_MODULE(ArrMult_32) { //Ports sc_vector < sc_in < sc_logic > > xi; sc_vector < sc_in < sc_logic > > yi; sc_vector < sc_in < sc_logic > > R; // sc_signal < sc_logic> x_sig[32]; sc_signal < sc_logic> y_sig[32]; sc_signal < sc_logic> s [16][16]; sc_signal < sc_logic> co [16][16]; sc_signal < sc_logic> GND; sc_signal < sc_logic> Dummy; // ArrMult_Unit *unit[16][16]; SC_CTOR(ArrMult_32) :xi("xi",32), yi("yi", 32),R("R", 32) { for (int i = 0;i < 16;i++) { for (int j = 0;i < 16;i++) { char Unit_Name[20]; sprintf(Unit_Name, "ArrMult_Unit_%d%d", i, j); unit[i][j] = new ArrMult_Unit(Unit_Name); xi[i].size(); } } GND = SC_LOGIC_0; for (int j = 0;j < 16;j++) { unit[0][j]->w(xi[j]);// The line after which an exception was thrown unit[0][j]->op2i(yi[j]); unit[0][j]->op1(GND); unit[0][j]->cin(GND); unit[0][j]->sum(s[0][j]); unit[0][j]->cout(co[0][j]); } ... };