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  1. AmeyaVS

    Behavioral XOR Gate with Delay

    Hello @re1418ma, You can look at this example: http://forums.accellera.org/topic/5678-clock-to-q-propagation-delay/?do=findComment&comment=13657 Or this one which shows how to add delay in full adder: http://forums.accellera.org/topic/5715-delaying-simulated-execution/?do=findComment&comment=13844 Hope it helps. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  2. AmeyaVS

    Behavioral XOR Gate with Delay

    Hello @re1418ma, This has been already discussed before here: http://forums.accellera.org/topic/5715-delaying-simulated-execution/ Hope it helps and if you have further questions please feel to ask. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  3. Hello @Philipp A Hartmann, It seems to be an issue with this test scenario.(systemc/1666-2011-compliance/living_dead_bug) I tried running the regression test suite on another system and except for this test, all the other tests passes. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  4. Hello @Philipp A Hartmann, I have probably seen this behavior in other regression tests also. But currently I do not recall all of them, this one was the first one to deadlock. I will try to run the regression test-suite with individual tests and post the results whenever I get a chance. Thanks and Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  5. Hello @Philipp A Hartmann, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately even after applying the changes the issue still persists. In-case you need more inputs do let me know. Thanks and Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  6. Hello @Roman Popov, It seems the issue is consistent with multiple different Linux OS with recent versions of GLIBC. From what I could figure out was the internal implementation for pthread mutex and condition variables have been updated. I will try to find the discussion on the same, but for now I think it would be better if someone from working group could also provide some insight into the issue. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  7. AmeyaVS

    SystemC 2.3.2 on Ubuntu 18 and Eclipse

    Hello @RaviS, You can download the Latest Eclipse package from their website which does work on Ubuntu 18.04. Eclipse CDT download the package most pertinent to your system.(e.g. Ubuntu 64-bit download the Linux 64-Bit package.) The Eclipse IDE is very well supported on latest Linux Environments. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  8. Hello @Roman Popov, I did try it on Ubuntu 16.04 with GCC 5.4.0, and currently I do not observe this behavior. Probably some regression in the base system, I will try to narrow it down once I get some time. I just wanted to give a heads-up in-case there is an issue with the SystemC kernel. Since, most of the application packaged on these Linux systems do get some form of regression testing. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  9. Hello everyone, Has anyone faced issues with Linux Build for SystemC 2.3.2 configured with PThreads as the threading library backend? I have configured the SystemC library using the following command: cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/apps/systemc-2.3.2 -DCMAKE_CXX_STANDARD=11 -DCMAKE_CXX_EXTENSIONS=OFF -DENABLE_PTHREADS=ON -DENABLE_PHASE_CALLBACKS=ON .. # Then followed by make # make check # and make install I having issues with the SystemC kernel getting stuck in deadlock. I am currently working on Ubuntu 18.04 using g++: g++ (Ubuntu 7.3.0-16ubuntu3) 7.3.0 Copyright (C) 2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Though I do not experience such issues with the QuickThreads back-end, but for now I need SystemC kernel with PThreads support. I have attached the back-trace of a minimal example/regression test from the test-suite which triggers this behavior:(systemc-regressions-2.3.2) TEST : systemc/1666-2011-compliance/living_dead_bug/living_dead_bug.cpp (11/871) Note: This behavior is also observed with SystemC 2.3.1a release. Best Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh SystemC.RaceCondition.GDB.BackTrace.txt
  10. AmeyaVS

    Build error with 2.3.2

    Hello @katang, Did you set the CXX_STANDARD in CMakeLists.txt? Here is an example: https://github.com/AmeyaVS/SystemC_ramblings/blob/master/src/01_SystemCTest/CMakeLists.txt Also while building SystemC 2.3.2 did you configure it with -DCMAKE_CXX_STANDARD=11? Hope it helps. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  11. AmeyaVS

    Build error with 2.3.2

    Hello @katang, It seems you have mixed C++ standard in your build system. Please have a look here: Hope it helps. Ameya Vikram Singh
  12. AmeyaVS

    SystemC code running with testbench

    Hello @ssingh.codesupport, There are multiple issues here. It would really good if you can go through the following discussions and develop an understanding about the SystemC simulation workflow. In-case you still have questions you can post you queries here. Hope it helps. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  13. AmeyaVS

    A void value confusion

    Hello @katang, The compiler message is quite right as mentioned by @Eyck. The Compiler sees the code something like this: void Dendrit_Set(int index, int value) { *(mNeuron->dendrit[index].write(value)); } Basically the operator precedence is at play here(refer here for more details). Compiler sees that you are trying to dereference a void type, since the write method of the sc_signal returns void. Hope it helps. Best Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  14. AmeyaVS

    A SystemC installl problem on Ubuntu

    Hello @katang, Is there a specific reason for using SystemC 2.3.1 release? This issue has already been fixed in the SystemC 2.3.2 release as mentioned by @maehne. Best Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  15. AmeyaVS

    VCD dump with Hierarchy systemc-2.3.2

    Hello @kjhyland, While adding signals using sc_trace did you provide the hierarchical names of the signals? Best Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh