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  1. marginasa

    SystemC-2.3.1a clang build fail

    Hi Phillip, Actually I did not give a proper thought to this aspect, now that you mention it might make sense. I just followed the "general configure procedure" from linux.. But maybe for the sake of proper closure to this topic, is this a matter of efficiency of choosing between fibers and pthreads, because if there is, then the build process with pthreads should still work. I will check if it works without pthreads and post the result. Regards, Andrei
  2. marginasa

    SystemC-2.3.1a clang build fail

    Hi, For 2.3.1a revision: I modified line 33 of sc_cor_fiber.h as follows #if (defined(_WIN32) || defined(WIN32) || defined(WIN64)) && !defined(SC_USE_PTHREADS) The build process of the SystemC library succeeds. However there are issues when using the library during the link phase. -> make check fails. see attachment. make_check.log Note: I tried with this modification of the header file in the past also with GCC and it behaved the same as now. For 2.3.2 revision: the behavior is similar with 2.3.1a, that is, the compilation fails with the same compiler error message as seen in the first post. see attachment make.log I did not modified again the headers for 2.3.2. I used configure method, not cmake for 2.3.2 Regards, Andrei
  3. marginasa

    SystemC-2.3.1a clang build fail

    Hi, After a debug session with Ameya (whom I thank), the build using clang was successful on cygwin but it still fails on MSYS2. Actually the build is failing with both GCC and clang compilers under MSYS2, each of them generating the same compiler error as mentioned in the first post. If anyone has a working MSYS environment in which it was able to build the systemc library, I'd like to have some confirmation. Regards, Andrei
  4. marginasa

    SystemC-2.3.1a clang build fail

    Hi Ameya, Actually with cygwin I get even earlier to a stop, as during the configure process it fails compile a C++ program. (but that may be related again to how complete is my cygwin environment). However within cygwin I manage to build the systemc library with the GCC chain which I'm able to use it, so I still have question marks regarding the reason for this cygwin:clang:configure:failToBuildC++ situation. see attachement. For Virtual Box solution I need more time to evaluate but I'll consider it. Thank you, Andrei config.log
  5. marginasa

    SystemC-2.3.1a clang build fail

    Hi Ameya, The path given to configure was indeed the Windows absolute path. I fixed that. Regarding MSYS2 setup I added some packages(that you mentioned autoconf, automake) and everything containing pthread that I could find but I see no meaningful difference in the way config.log looks like. However, this initial compiler error is independent in my opinion of the availability of the pthread lib. I attach the latest config.log and a list of my installed packages. Appreciate your help. Andrei config.log installed.packages
  6. marginasa

    SystemC-2.3.1a clang build fail

    Hi Ameya, Thank you for reply. I get the same error with using your configure options, when I execute make -j4 config.log and config.status are attached. Regards, Andrei config.log config.status
  7. Hi, I'm trying to build the systemc library using clang within MSYS $ clang -v clang version 3.9.1 (tags/RELEASE_391/final) Target: x86_64-w64-windows-gnu Thread model: posix InstalledDir: D:\Install\Msys2\mingw64\bin The configure options look as follows: ../configure --prefix=$SYSTEMC_LLVM --with-unix-layout CC=clang.exe CXX=clang++.exe CPP=`clang++.exe -E` CFLAGS=-stdlib=libstdc++ CXXFLAGS=-stdlib=libstdc++ CXXFLAGS=-std=c++11 LDFLAGS="-stdlib=libstdc++" --enable-pthreads --enable-debug The error I get is during compilation of sc_simcontext.cpp ... CXX sc_reset.lo CXX sc_sensitive.lo CXX sc_simcontext.lo In file included from ../../../../src/sysc/kernel/sc_simcontext.cpp:36: ../../../../src\sysc/kernel/sc_cor_pthread.h:43:28: error: typedef redefinition with different types ('sc_core::sc_cor_pkg_pthread' vs 'sc_core::sc_cor_pkg_fiber') typedef sc_cor_pkg_pthread sc_cor_pkg_t; ^ ../../../../src\sysc/kernel/sc_cor_fiber.h:48:26: note: previous definition is here typedef sc_cor_pkg_fiber sc_cor_pkg_t; I assume that I might be missing some defines to exclude the above seen redefinition but I cannot figure out which.. as with Visual Studio compiler (not clang) I have built the library. There are 3 defines across source code in 3 header files.. typedef sc_cor_pkg_fiber sc_cor_pkg_t; typedef sc_cor_pkg_qt sc_cor_pkg_t; typedef sc_cor_pkg_pthread sc_cor_pkg_t; Any hint is appretiated. Thanks.