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    UVM print with array objects

    You can do something like as shown below. It works fine in Simvision waveform browser. For example, if you have packet class extended from uvm_sequence_item in which you declared a data item rand bit [9:0] payload[]; and then for this data item, you shall have a field automation macro with the following trick `uvm_field_array_int(payload, UVM_ALL_ON | UVM_NORECORD) // UVM_NORECORD will exclude the field in vendor-specific transaction recording. You need to define a function as shown below inside this class virtual function void do_record( uvm_recorder recorder ); super.do_record( recorder ); foreach (payload) recorder.record_field($sformatf("payload[%d]",i),payload,10,UVM_NORADIX); endfunction: do_record You will be able to see a transaction in which payload will have all of its elements. Hope this will help!