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  1. fletombe

    SystemC 2.3 Pretty-Printer

    Thanks, I had noticed that. But then, why would I reach a pretty-printer if those types are not supported? By curiosity, may I know how you manage signals/ports? Thanks, Florian
  2. fletombe

    SystemC 2.3 Pretty-Printer

    Hi Andy, Thanks for your contribution. That's very good to have! Do you have something similar for sc_in/sc_out/sc_inout types? E.g., in the following code: SC_MODULE(dummy) { sc_in_clk clock; sc_in<bool> i; sc_out<sc_int<2> > o; SC_CTOR(dummy): clock("clk"),i("i"),o("o") { ... } ... }; int sc_main (int argc, char **argv) { dummy d("d"); sc_signal<bool> clk; sc_signal<bool> i; sc_signal<sc_int<2> > o; d.clock(clk); d.i(i); d.o(o); ... return 0; } If I put a breakpoint with gdb on the return statement, and try to print sc_signal/sc_in/sc_out elements, I get not pretty-printed elements. Worse, I get the following error when printing signal "o" and output port "d.o": Do you know what can happen here? Thanks, Florian