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    Need a example with the environment running at SC_FS? using SC_CLOCK

    Sorry its my mistake and i used set_time resolution at the time of elaboration, but didn't notice my sc_clock declaration. Before (error) sc_clock clk("clk",20, SC_FS); sc_set_time_resolution(1,SC_FS); After (start working) sc_set_time_resolution(1,SC_FS); sc_clock clk("clk",20, SC_FS); Thanks and closing the topic. Regards, Prasanna
  2. Looking for an example running at SC_FS with the help of SC_CLOCK or any other way, small example with 2.2 and 2.3? Do i need to set any specific parameter before simulation, i am getting the following error Error: (E102) sc_clock high time is zero: increase the period or increase the duty cycle: Regards Prasanna
  3. prasanna.kesavan

    Need a example with the environment running at SC_FS? using SC_CLOCK

    Thank you for the reply. I did the same as it is required. but the result is same. Regards Prasanna
  4. prasanna.kesavan

    attoseconds handling in systemC

    Hi Philipp, Thanks for the reply. Hope you are doing good. I am not going to have anything SC_AS in breaking the exisiting flow. I am already doing with the standard C++/ C (with the help of time_t factor) with internal computation as you mentioned. But i am converting to handle at simulation point (using systemC) than local system time perspective, so thought of using with small delay factor for the sampling. Anyway i will try as you mentioned with the small conversion. Thank you once again. Have a nice weekend! Regards Prasanna.
  5. prasanna.kesavan

    attoseconds handling in systemC

    I understand the maximum support is SC_FS (femtoseconds), is there any way we can do or handle attoseconds (10 to the power -18). I am doing some DSP algorithms for the attenuation and need to handle attoseconds. Any update will be great, thanks a lot. Regards Prasanna.