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Cadence UVM_RGM2.6.1 release

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About This File

UVM_RGM2.6.1 is the UVM version of the Cadence Register and Memory package that has been tested by multiple users on all major commercial simulators.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed issue with syncing to VHDL.
  • Register overlap check error with end address
  • Backdoor read of register fields was not properly masked
  • Filtering of registers having unknown value is now only for rd_all regs seq

  • Allowed backdoor write to read-only fields
  • Allowed register's reset value over-ride using plusArgs
  • Added register array delete at the end of built-in-seq
  • Added support field-level backdoor access for shared register
  • Modified shared_reg_backdoor example and added ipxact file
  • Removed all uvm deprication warnings from examples
  • Added support for VHDL backdoor std_ulogic_[ports |signals | vectorSignals]
  • Modified all headers of XML files to get schema from http
  • Added objection to built-in-sequences
  • Added a global field to mask-out comparison of all non-read-write fields
  • Added a global field to enable warning when accessed address is outside container

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