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Simple perl based UCV buider

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About This File

I have uploaded a copy of my OVM template genarator updated for UVM.  Basically, I changed all OVM/ovm strings to UVM/uvm.  You will need to set the environment variable UVMHOME to use the generated "jrun" script.  You can email me with any Q's - my email is in the perl script.  The simplest way to run:

perl juvb.pl

cd base/examples

setenv UVMHOME <path to UVM install>



perl juvb.pl template=cdn_yapp_uvc.tpl (or you own custom template).

It supports only basic int datatypes in the sequence item class.

It's only intended to get you started and "over the hump".  It's

not intended to replace the official template generators.

Happy UVMing....

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