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  2. Check the System configuration, for learn the Embedded system you can choose the tutorials, and the best thing is community channel. Regards, Sharon Maxwell CETPA Infotech Pvt Ltd.
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  4. Hi why does phase.find_by_name(.name(uvm_main_phase::get().get_name()), .stay_in_scope(0)); from run_phase and uvm_pkg::uvm_phase run_phase = phase.find_by_name(.name(uvm_run_phase::get().get_name()), .stay_in_scope(0)); from main_phase return null. Is this intentional? I have created a sample example to check, or you can use the attached file as well. test.svh
  5. hi all, i want to integrate systemC and openCv in visual studio 2015 to process images for motion detector system. it is possible to do that ? thanks
  6. yes, i am using uvm_reg. There are 3 separate interfaces pcie, spi and i2c which can access same set of registers/memory. Thanks
  7. hi friend, im not familiar with systemC, iwant to model system à processor that campares two sucessives frames, any help i would be grateful
  8. You need to provide more detail. Like, why do you currently have to select one at compilation time? What exactly do you mean by parallel access? Do you have 3 separate physical interfaces which can simultaneously access the same register? Or as often the case, do you have 3 masters which can all access the same registers via a fabric and a single physical interface to the registers? What are you using for your register model? RAL ( uvm_reg ) ?
  9. Hello, I'm trying to develop a memory that supports custom bytes/words. In the usual case, the byte is 8bit and word has 4 bytes (assuming 32bit data-path). Now, in embedded, it's possible that the byte is 12bit and word has 2 bytes (24bit data-path). For 12/24 integers, I can use sc_uint<12> or sc_uint<24>. So, my question is: Is there any helper function that stores/loads a custom int into the generic payload? If not, are there any rules to follow? Thanks.
  10. Are encryption and decryption applications available for download (IEEE P1735 V2)?
  11. Sorry , No idea about i would like to say concern with the experienced person. who have at least 5 to 10-year experience Embedded system. Sharon maxwell CETPA Infotech Pvt Ltd
  12. Hi, We have single register space and 3 masters can accessing that space. I want all the masters to access those registers parallely. What can be the best possible way to do it. Currently, I have to select one at compilation time. Thanks
  13. Yes, I did. Following the compiler (g++) errors descriptions I came to this: template<> template<unsigned DA_WIDTH> class scv_extensions<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > : public scv_extensions_base<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > { public: scv_extensions<op_t> op; scv_extensions<sc_uint<DA_WIDTH> > addr; scv_extensions<unsigned> delay; item_c<DA_WIDTH>* _instance; void _set_instance(item_c<DA_WIDTH>* p) { _instance = p; _set_instance_core_wrap(p); } item_c<DA_WIDTH>* _get_instance() const { return _instance; } SCV_EXTENSIONS_CTOR(item_c<DA_WIDTH>) { SCV_FIELD(op); SCV_FIELD(addr); SCV_FIELD(delay); } }; I defined another _instance, _set_instance and _get_instance functions. I'm not fully understand how, but it works. The next problem is that I need one more data field in item_c class. And it's of std::vector type. I didn't found a way to use std::vector type with SCV. Am I right? It's not possible with SCV? The only way is to use CRAVE?
  14. Thanks a lot. In my eyes the g++ error message is misleading. I was looking also for the error in defining macro NAME.
  15. Hello @katang, The error spawns from not specifying the namespace resolution correctly. Following code compiles without errors: NAME.h: #ifndef NAME_H_ #define NAME_H_ #include <systemc> SC_MODULE(NAME) { SC_CTOR(NAME); }; #endif // NAME_H_ NAME.cpp: #include "NAME.h" SC_HAS_PROCESS(NAME); NAME::NAME(sc_core::sc_module_name nm) //< Added sc_core namespace resolution. : sc_core::sc_module(nm) //< Added sc_core namespace resolution. {} Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  16. I do not know. This is the complete file, header inserted. #include <systemc> SC_MODULE(NAME) { SC_CTOR(NAME); }; SC_HAS_PROCESS(NAME); NAME::NAME(sc_module_name nm) : sc_module(nm) {} And the error message NAME.cpp:6:11: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token NAME::NAME(sc_module_name nm) ^ g++ (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.4) 5.4.0 20160609
  17. Hello @katang, It seems the macro NAME has not been defined. From the book they have mentioned about the file "NAME.h". There recommendation on providing simpler and cleaner declarations. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  18. In the book "SystemC from the Ground Up" book, page 57, an implementation style is suggested which seems to be reasonable. However, when I attempt to compile it, I am presented with the message error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token NAME::NAME(sc_module_name nm) ^ Did something change in the syntax since the book appeared? (the other form compiles and runs fine)
  19. Hello @AmeyaVS, thanks for providing this solution. It helped more than reading a chapter in a book about SystemC. Could you please add one explanation? You provided a hint to a delay unit previously, which you did not use here. Did you so because of performance of didactic reasons?
  20. Did you include the required "extensions ctor" in your extension? template<unsigned DA_WIDTH> class scv_extensions<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > : public scv_extensions_base<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > { public: scv_extensions<sc_uint<DA_WIDTH> > addr; // ... SCV_EXTENSIONS_CTOR(item_c<DA_WIDTH>) { SCV_FIELD(addr); // ... } }; That said, (depending on your compiler) the current implementation of SCV_EXTENSIONS_CTOR is missing some "this->" qualifications in its body to cope with the different lookup rules for templated base classes. Hope that helps, Philipp
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  22. The link is dead. Can you post the new one please?
  23. Hello @yosri, This is mostly a discussion forum. In-case you need help while having issues in implementing your design, then do post your queries here. While assuming members to straight away help you in your homework is too much to ask. Kindly show us some research input about the project and some implementation that you have written, and facing issues with them. It would be unwise to comment since one can have multiple implementation of the said requirement as it is too vague, plus show us some due diligence in researching about the topic you are working on. Regards, Ameya
  24. Hi Venkatesh, You can check the details of this message via this command: nchelp ncelab CUVMUR I think you did not compile rcd2_top befor gen_ddr4_rcd_chip in your environment. Thanks, Kurt
  25. I'm faced with the same question. But my sequence item is parameterized via template as follow: template<unsigned DA_WIDTH> class item_c: public uvm::uvm_sequence_item { public: sc_uint<DA_WIDTH> addr; ... I'm trying to use SCV_EXTENSIONS and scv_smart_ptr like Akhila do, but my scv_extensions class becomes not fully specialized in my case: template<unsigned DA_WIDTH> class scv_extensions<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > : public scv_extensions_base<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > { public: scv_extensions<sc_uint<DA_WIDTH> > addr; ... If understand it right, that will not work. When I'm trying to create scv_smart_ptr like this: scv_smart_ptr<item_c<DA_WIDTH> > req("req_item"); I'm receiving the following error: _scv_smart_ptr.h:88:16: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type ‘scv_extensions<item_c<16u> >’ tmp_(&*ext_) { ^ Could somebody, please, explain me how to resolve this? Probably, there are some more appropriate way to create a parameterized sequence item.
  26. Hi, I am running the ncsim.In that I am getting unresolved module error. ERROR- ncelab: *E,CUVMUR (../altera_emif_mem_model_core_ddr4_161/sim/,283|12): instance 'ed_sim.mem.core.pp_gen[0].inst.depth_gen[0].mem_inst.gen_ddr4_rcd_chip.inst' of design unit 'rcd2_top' is unresolved in 'ed_sim_altera_emif_mem_model_core_ddr4_161.altera _emif_ddrx_model_per_device:module'. In file i am added rcd2_top. The rcd2_top module is .vp file.Is there any changes to be done for compiling protected file in ncsim?? I included files and path properly but also i am getting error pls anyone help me out for this error.............
  27. hi all members, im yosri 24 a master research student, pls i search for code source for MOTION DETECTOR system with systemC programming language, who can help me thank you deeply my email :
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